A one-man modern musical
written and performed by Paolo Scardina

Rockabye Worlds tells the remarkable tale of a young boy named Vinny, who slips into a world of slumber through the charm of his imaginary friend.   Once there, he sees his future unfold encountering people in is present and future life, but always through the mind’s eye of an innocent child.  Unaffected by the trials and trappings of real life, Vinny sees his world beyond the world as we know it!

This one-man modern musical is performed by Paolo Scardina, who enacts the roles of all characters young and old, not to mention feisty, and enchanting!    The production was created in its entirety by Paolo Scardina, an accomplished pianist, vocalist, composer, songwriter, story writer, dancer and choreographer.

Do not miss this extraordinary musical that will make you smile out loud and weep with wonder!