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My Story


Acclaimed singer, songwriter and composer Paolo Scardina offers live music in Sedona.


Born in Ohio to a family with a love for all things musical, Paolo Scardina was saturated in the art of music at a very early age.  This gift of music drove him on a life-long quest to share his feelings about love and life with others through art of song.

Paolo Scardina, an accomplished pianist, vocalist, composer, songwriter, story writer, dancer and choreographer.
Paolo takes his inspiration from song writers and artists  like Elton John, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin,  Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rankin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more.

Paolo has performed with the San Francisco Opera Chorus and Ballet, San Francisco Men’s Chorus, Portland Opera, Portland Gay Men’s Chorus, Sedona Superstars, The Sedona Performing Arts Alliance, and the Sedona Creative Arts Center.
He has been a regular musician at Sedona venues including Steakhouse 89, Sound Bites Grill, Vino Di Sedona, Mesa Grill, Reds, Hillside Sedona Center, and Ken’s Creekside.  He also entertains for private parties, weddings and special events.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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